About Us

Vennytoy is the brand that the Smiths established in 2010 and has been around for 10 years. One day in 2008,Mrs Smith passed a special adult toys shop after class.She is very curious about what it feels like.But because of shyness, Mrs Smith didn't enter the store.After arriving home, She told to Mr smith about that.Because their sex life was not as comfy as it used to be.So they decided to try it.

The next day, Mrs Smith finally walked into the store and choose a cute vibrator.Used the toy carefully on that evening, they was very comfortable and get the g-spot they never reached.It's was Unforgettable and wonderful experience.Since then, they officially accepted the sex toys, constantly trying different products.Besides,learning about each other, Our relationship had become better.So they recommended the products to friends. After a period of time,we opened an offline store in 2010,bringing happiness to tens of thousands of people.

Sex products are for everyone, whether you are single or married.Studies have shown that bringing toys to the bedroom actually increases romantic encounters and improves a couple's sex life and relieve stress.Vennytoy only offer quality products and satisfy your need.You deserve better!

Intimate packaging to protect your privacy. Our online store is now set up to share joys, excitement and health around the world., and dedicated to giving you a better shopping experience.