The DO’s and DONT’s of traveling with sex toys.
05.12.2021 | BLOG

The DO’s and DONT’s of traveling with sex toys. 


Do learn about what wattage your charger requires and what wattage is available in the place you are going to. There are power converters you can purchase beforehand or you can simply charge everything before leaving on a shorter trip. 

Do read up on the TSA guidelines on TSA.​gov as they are always changing and ensure your batteries are safe to bring as a checked or carry on item and if there are any issues with certain objects. Bondage ropes, handcuffs, a chain whips for example may not be allowed through. TSA are concerned with the possibility of a hostage situation and no one has time to stand their arguing with them about how these are actually intended for your kinky pass time. 

Do keep your toys in their own zippered bag to lower the risk of them turning on and for sanitary reasons. Pack some body safe disinfectant wipes in there to clean them before and after use and if possible, remove the batteries and store them separately alongside your toys. 

Do look into the updated rules about what is considered prohibited and be aware of the consequences for these actions.

I am not recommending that you break the rules but it is completely possible to bring sex toys with you and go compeltely undetected. This is something the rebel in all of us can appreciate and the following toys offer the perfect opportunity to conceal your pleasure habits. 

Do your best to own it. If you suspect that you bag was pulled to the side because of the toys then you can calmly let them know that you brought sex toys in a zippered bag. There is nothing wrong or illegal about masterbation and you are not the first person who has packed sex toys in your carry on. If any other passengers notice and give you dirty looks for your choices then let them. 


Don’t try to charge you sex toy in a foreign country without having checked the maximum wattage allowed to be plugged into outlets in that country. This could short the circuit and break your toy or lead to a power outage. 

Don’t pack a big bottle of lube in your carry on. Lube is considered to be a liquid so unless the ounces are under the carry on allowance, then use a smaller sized bottle. 

Don’t pack your vibrators in your bag loosely. This can drain your battery and lead to some awkward silences if they go off. Also don’t try to hide a large dildo under layers of clothing. This looks suspicious on the scanner and the TSA agent will be digging through all your belongings to find it. 

Don’t pack toys that the TSA would deem unsafe. There are some kinky toys out there that make it hard to explain to the officer that they are used for sexua pleasure. They are also particular about what kind of batteries you bring on board. 

Don’t feel ashamed of your sexuality. 


Now that you are aware of how to use the sex toys safely, I wish you safe travels on your next trip and hope that you have many memorable orgasms. Bon Voyage!