05.13.2021 | BLOG Precautions

Sex toys are a great way to enhance your sexual well-being, whether you're entertaining yourself or with your couple.

If you don't care and love your cuties, they won't be so much fun. Smearing them with the wrong lubricant, storing them poorly or even not clean them can lead to all sorts of troubles, such as toys' shape-shifting, shortening their usable time and even increasing the chances of contracting germs.

In a survey on the cleaning of sex toys, 55% of women can do the cleaning before and after use, which shows that the awareness of cleaning is very much in place and is a very praiseworthy action.

X Alcohol and hot water are not advisable X

In the above cleaning toy survey, more than 60% of people choose to use hot water as well as alcohol to disinfect, only nearly 20% will choose a professional erotic cleaning solution to disinfect.

Let's start with hot water.

Most bacteria can be killed by about 100 ℃ boiling water, but there are many bacteria that we do not recognize are still alive. If you disinfect with hot water should understand the material of your toys first.

Take the mainstream sex toy materials now as an example.

ABS is a synthetic resin, is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic, the material is relatively hard, generally do the shell of the sex toys and love eggs. ABS itself is very safe, but the molecular structure will change and it will exude acrylonitrile when the temperature over 60 ℃. This substance is highly toxic. Generally in order to make the toy more beautiful, it will be coated a thermoplastic layer on the ABS. This layer of thermoplastic may exude carcinogenic substances when temperature is high, so it is not recommended by using boiling water to disinfect.

TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, it can be very soft with real muscle flexibility. some masturbators and penis rings often use this material. This kind of toys also cannot be disinfected by hot water. Material decay will occur, greatly reducing the usage time of the toy and harm your health at the same time.

Silicone is single-molecule structure which is safe and reliable. It's slightly harder than TPE material. Most importantly, it is the safest materials, and also the mainstream materials in the market. Silicone can be disinfected in boiling water, but not more than two minutes just in case. After all, it is a rubber material and will have aging phenomenon.

Alcohol is corrosive and will make the sex toy material has a chemical reaction over a long period of time, so it's not recommended to use alcohol to disinfect the toy. If you did so, please apply alcohol and clean with water as soon as possible.

The correct cleaning steps

The cleaning of sex toys is divided into two parts: cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning can only make the toy clean on the surface, if you want to kill the bacteria on it you must go through the disinfection step!

Step 1: Remove the batteries

No matter what kind of toys, they must be cleaned before and after use. Please firstly remove the battery before cleaning. Do not forget to take out the batteries when the toy is not in use for a long time. Charging products with a waterproof plug need to put on the cover of the waterproof plug, if not try to avoid the charging port when cleaning.

Step 2: Use cleaning fluid

Please use a mild body wash or professional cleaning solution to apply on the toy. Rub the toy with your hands and gently give your little cutie a bubble bath. If it is a boy's usual masturbators, do not turn the inner cavity outward. Just directly to the tap to rinse.If the girl's magic stick has grooves or lines, remember to wash these dead ends. You can use cotton swabs or cotton pads to carefully wipe, but do not use toothbrushes or brushes to clean! For whether the brush is clean or not, it is easy to damage the toy.

Step 3: Rinse the foam

Rinse the whole body of the toy until the friction has some dryness.

Step 4: Wipe clean

Use a clean towel or use a non-linting paper towel (such as facial tissue, kitchen paper) with a press to suck or just air dry on it. Do not use general paper towels in case of bacteria breeding caused by residual paper dust.
If the product has lines or grooves, use a folded towel and other gently scrub these grooves at an angle of 90 degrees to avoid residual bacteria on the surface of the toys.

Step 5: Toy disinfection

The first few steps can clean off stains and body fluids on the toy, but there are more invisible bacteria remaining on the surface of the toy which can not be eliminated by the products such as shower gel. You need to disinfect the toy with a professional disinfectant spray for sex toys or drops of disinfectant hand soap and other cleaning.

The use of disinfectant sprays for erotic toys.

Disinfectant spray is also very simple to use. Spray it directly on the toy, especially the parts which is in touch with the body.Stay for 2-3 minutes in order to let the disinfectant solution completely destroy the germs before using. You should develop good user habits and disinfect the toy once before and after use.

Step 6: Store in the shade

After spraying the disinfectant spray, it can be put directly into the storage bag and placed in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose it to the sun as it may cause deformation and bursting.