08.27.2021 | BLOG

If I had to answer in one word- Gratifying.
But let me elaborate it for y’all.

• I bought my first vibrator, almost an year ago. It was a bullet vibrator, which was PERFECT for the first time. Just the perfect size, the perfect vibrating frequencies.

• For the next time, I decided to go with a Dildo. That is why, I bought Mr. Icicle! Which was versatile and sleek, and I couldn’t really ask for a better dildo. The fact that it’s made of glass made it even more exciting!!

• Then came the turn for the infamous rabbit vibrator- one that reaches the G-spot whilst simultaneously stimulating the clit! Let me tell you, you NEED to have one in your collection. It’s a must have!

•Then, to spice things up, I got a vibrating egg! It was a remote controlled one, and well, I gave the remote control in my boyfriend’s hands.. let me tell you.. it was so exciting, probably one of my best orgasm ever!

Now, I’m a proud owner of one Dildo, and 3 Vibrators! I keep using them alternatively, depending on my mood and need. Buying sex toys for my own pleasure was one of my most liberating things I ever did !

The most important part, I got ALL of my sex toys from one website- “”. I was a bit skeptical about buying my first bullet vibrator, but then I came across this site and decided to give it a try! My first process was SO SMOOTH, that I just kept going back for more. They have a plethora of options available, with different ranges to suit different people.

They even offer discreet packaging, so you don’t need to worry about others finding out (That’s how I sneaked all the sex toys inside my hostel!) Each and every sex toy that I bought was perfect, in terms of its authenticity, quality, size, etc. I would definitely, definitely recommend them!